My Name is John Keegan, but to my friends I'm just Keegan. I am a graduate of Council Rock High School Class of '89 in Bucks County PA..

From there I went on to Millersville University, and moved into the best Dorm on campus Harbold Hall where I spent a long time, that is, longer than most. I left MU in December 1997 with two degrees:

  1. BS Speech Communication
  2. PA Certification Social Studies Education

In January 2007, I returned to Millersville University to study for the Degree of Master of Art in History, which I received in May 2010.

As for my interests they are listed in menu and at the top along with my Résumé and some other work. If you have any Links to add or would like to comment on anything you see here please click the Contact link above. accepts donations. If you find the content here useful, and would like to donate, simply click the Support. All donations are greatly appreciated.

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