The Legislature: The House and Senate.

I. Title:

A. Unit Title

The Launching of a New Constitution.

B. Lesson Title

The Legislature: The House and Senate.

II. Objectives—each student will be able to:

  1. Explain the concept of the separation of powers.
  2. Explain how a bill becomes a law.

III. Content and Strategies:

A. Introduction

Short review of last lesson.

B. Body

  1. Students are to define separation of powers. Then students are to construct a chart to illustrate a system of checks and balances.
  2. Students are, in groups of two, to write their answers to the question sheets on The United States Constitution, Article I using any full text book copy of The Constitution of The United States of America.
  3. Students are to write the answer to the checks and balances study questions. Students are to construct a flow chart to illustrate how a bill becomes a law. See Lectures: How a Bill Becomes a Law and Presidential Veto Power
  4. Students are to analyze the chart to find where grid lock could occur and how it affects the legislative system.

C. Evaluation

Students' work will be evaluated.

IV. Resources, Instruction Materials, and Activities Being Used:

  1. The Constitution of the United States of America Teaching Resources